Astronomy Tour

A visual journey through the stars and constellations of the night, their stories and mythology, from some of the most singular astronomical viewpoints, located in the centre of the island at 1.300 m altitude. Aided with telescopes we will observe those celestial objects visible at night, like nebulas, star groups, planets and maybe the moon. Everything explained in simple and easy to understand terms, suitable for all ages. You will be able to see and touch meteorites and pieces of asteroids from space. At the end of the tour, you will get an “astroselfie” (picture with stars in the background) as a memento.


  Meeting point:    - Parking lot of the Visitor Centre of the National Park “Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente”, in El Paso, Carretera General LP-3

  Transport:    -  At all times, you will need to have your own vehicle. Transport is NOT included.

  Placer:    - 20 minutes by car from the meeting point. Astronomical viewpoints of “Llano del Jable” (West side of the island) or “Llano de La Venta” (East side of the island), depending on the weather conditions.

  Recommendations: Bring enough warm clothing and something to eat (picnic)

  Languages:Usually 2 languages: Spanish and English.

¿Te gustaría…? - Explorar la galaxia