Off-road Adventure Tours  - Volcano.

Discover the magical south of the so called Beautiful Island with a guided tour through the whitish landscape
of Las Salinas, visiting the Fuencaliente Lighthouse and its Marine Biosphere Reserve Interpretation Centre, the San
Antonio Volcano Visitor’s Centre and walking on the majestic Teneguía Volcano while contemplating our black sand
beaches, a Marine Biosphere Reserve. You will also have the opportunity to visit a local winery where you will be
treated with our traditional cuisine.
Be enchanted by the beauty of contrasts of La Palma: drive through the Canary Islands pine forest that merges
with the volcanic landscape in the south, where we can walk on the lava flows of the Martin volcano while
observing the colour contrasts of the Volcano Route. The lava flows of Las Deseadas.


  Calzado comodo


Volcano Martín

The volcanic eruption began on October 2nd 1646, the lava flows divided into four arms of red hot magma. They flowed down the steep slopes of the area until they reached the sea, affecting directly or indirectly the southern settlements of the municipality of Mazo.

Volcano San Antonio

The eruption of the volcano San Antonio started in 1677. One of the eruption vents buried the hot spring known as Fuente Santa

Volcano Teneguía

The Teneguía erupted in 1971 in the south of the island on the lava fields of the volcano San Antonio. Many of the pyroclastic materials flowed into the sea and formed new land.

Volcano San Juan

In 1949 the volcano San Juan erupted. During the night of June 24th, the first crater appeared on the Cumbre Nueva ridge.