Volcano stars route

A visual journey through the stars and constellations of the night, their stories and mythology.

Aided with telescopes we will observe those celestial objects visible at night, like nebulas, star groups, planets and maybe the moon.

Everything explained in simple and easy to understand terms, suitable for all ages.

  Place:  - Visitor Centre of the Volcano “San Antonio” – Los Canarios – Fuencaliente.

  Days:  - Consult our calendar.

  Hours:   - Will be dependent on the time of the year, please consult our calendar.

  Languages:   - Consult our calendar.


In case of bad weather conditions, with no chance to see the night sky, we will offer alternative activities inside of the Visitor Centre, where the night sky will be explained with free apps and computer programs.

You will be able to see and touch meteorites and pieces of asteroids from space.

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¿Te gustaría…? - Explorar la galaxia