On this tour, we will take you to new volcano “Tajogaite”, located within the natural park of Cumbre Vieja, in a way you have probably never think of. You will be driving among roads, rural pathways, and forest trails, penetrating a thick spectacular rainforest, where you will feel yourself in an authentic savage jungle.

At the end of this first part aboard a buggy, you will start a hike very close to the newly erupted volcano, enjoying magnificent geological and botanical contrasts. This hike will start at “Llano del Jable”, located at 1000 m above sea level. The total overall duration of this hike is about 2.5 hours, with a total distance of 2.5 kms downhill and 2.5 kms uphill. The incline goes between 4 to 23 %.

The walking path will be mainly volcanic ground, in order to reach the closest authorized point of visit. “Tajogaite” will be at this point right before our eyes.

Our guides will explain several experiences lived with the Tajogaite volcano’s eruption, as well as many technical aspects of the area. This eruption caused indeed incredible inconveniences to many inhabitants, many of which lost it all, but it was likewise a brutal and devastating show of nature. We will have fun in a fantastic environment.

Three different options will be available for you to book and partake on this tour

1- Driving a two-seater buggy.

2- Driving a family six-seater.

3- As a passenger with one of our guides.

4- A taxi service is also possible for those who are just interested in the hiking part of the tour.


   Meeting point : RhBuggy - Canary Live Experience. Excursiones en La Palma - Canarias, C. el Llanito, 4, 38710, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

 Recommendations : There are no services in the area, it is very important to relieve yourself before leaving the meeting point.

Appropriate footwear, warm clothing and water.

  (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WITH RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS) since there is a presence of gases, although the surveillance personnel in the area have meters to ensure access to the area.

Minors in the group must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  

   - The group must follow the guide's instructions at all times, stick to the marked path without exception.

  It is totally (PROHIBITED)

- Sample collection.. 

 - Throw any type of waste.


1.- Changes and Cancellations by the company:


The Company reserves the right to cancel or modify the conditions of the guided tour due to reasons beyond its control or causes of force majeure.


Changes or cancellations may be made by:


Weather alerts, landslides or ice on road.


For unforeseen maintenance


For not reaching  the MINIMUM number of visitors, established at 6 people.


Cancellation will be communicated to you as soon as possible. Check your email and mobile phone


An alternative date will be proposed (subjected to availability) or the full amount of the ticket will be refunded.


2.- Changes and Cancellations by the customer:

For no cost, changes may be requested, subjected to availability and with prior notice, up to 72 hours before the visit. Subsequently later changes will not be accepted.

Cacellations 72 hours before the visit, 50% of the refund will be withheld by management. Otherwise there will be no refund.


BOOKING AND ABANDING the amount of the tour, you confirm reading and acceptance of our cancellation policy.




This tour has a duration of 2 hours for the buggy activity, and another 2 hours for the hike.