VOLCANO - Buggy Tour 5 Hours

The volcanic eruption of Cumbre Vieja

The volcanic eruption of Cumbre Vieja


“Feel the magic of La Palma on board a buggy”
An original way of discovering the wildest corners of our island: driving a buggy. The starting point of our
tour will be the village of El Llanito, where you will have a brief explanation on how to ride these vehicles,
and once on board we will drive towards the uplands of Mazo, crossing the mountains of Breña Alta
and Breña Baja and its plentiful and thick vegetation, to finally arrive at the area called Niquiomo. The
breathtaking view over the Aridane valley from the summit of the geological zone of Cumbre Nueva will
make this unique activity unforgettable, since you will experience incredible emotions and feelings!

Once we have carried out the first part of the tour, we will head off towards “Cumbre Vieja’s natural park”, located in the southwest of the island, through a forest trail which goes through a rain forest and Canarian pine area; visiting the newly erupted volcano named “Tajogaite”, “Los Picos”, the “Jedey volcano” and last, but not least, the magnificent “Volcano Martin” (also named “Volcano El Charco”)

From this point, we will descend towards the village of Fuencaliente in order to visit the volcanoes “San Antonio” and “Teneguia”, with its remarkable peak.

This itinerary may suffer variations due to causes beyond our will, but we have the advantage of being able to freely move around, enabling us to decide changes on the spot, depending on the state of the sea of clouds and the different microclimates.

These stops will be made according to the tours’ best convenience, thus making us able to see as much as possible throughout the day.

We must bear in mind that on some occasions, we may have to remove or replace a visit point due to heat alerts and closure of some areas, due to the risk of heavy rain or even very intense inconveniences caused by the sea of clouds.

This activity never loses its great potential due to the advantage of movement and geological interest in Cumbre Vieja, making it a great geotourism activity. We will have fun in a fantastic environment.

Volcano San Juan

In 1949 the volcano San Juan erupted. During the night of June 24th, the first crater appeared on the Cumbre Nueva ridge.

Volcano Martín

The volcanic eruption began on October 2nd 1646, the lava flows divided into four arms of red hot magma. They flowed down the steep slopes of the area until they reached the sea, affecting directly or indirectly the southern settlements of the municipality of Mazo.

Volcano San Antonio

The eruption of the volcano San Antonio started in 1677. One of the eruption vents buried the hot spring known as Fuente Santa

Volcano Teneguía

The Teneguía erupted in 1971 in the south of the island on the lava fields of the volcano San Antonio. Many of the pyroclastic materials flowed into the sea and formed new land.

different options will be available for you to book and partake on this tour:

1- Driving  a two-seater buggy………………………169 € / buggy

2- Driving a family four-seater..................................295 € / buggy

3- Driving a family six-seater ………………………395 € / buggy

4- As a passenger with one of our guides…………..59 € / pax


Original Type B driving licence is hereby compulsory.

With the possibility of drive swapping.

Children Over 7 Years

It is highly recomended to wear warm cloths and confortable shoes.



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