Visit to the observatory Roque de los Muchachos

Near the highest peak of the island La Palma, at 2.426 meters above sea level, we found one of the best astrophysical complexes of the world, the Observatory Roque de los Muchachos. (

We invite you to meet, firsthand, what is done and observed in these large telescopes. Among them the largest optical and infrared telescope in the world, the Gran Telescopio Canarias or GTC.

The visits are durnig the day , in the day in the morning,with prior reservation.

What telescope is visited?

The telescope to be visit will be assigned by the institutions of the astrophysicist, depending on the availability and operation of the telescopes. It will be informed at the time of the visit.


 Dates and available schedules.

See timetable at the end of this website. In green are the days and times available. For groups already organized (more than 15 people) we could look for other options. You should contact us directly.

 The visit. To consider:

1.-  Please be punctual.

2.- Visit in the interior of the telescope, with explanations, to one of the assigned telescopes.

3.- Approximate duration of the visit, from meeting point, 1 hour and 45 minutes.


 Age of the visitors:

Minimum age 6 years old. We may ask for ID or passport.

Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Meeting point:

Roque de los Muchachos Visitor Center




Approximate travel time with passenger cars:

Do not take into account the journeys in kilometres, due to the characteristics of our roads note the duration of the journey. For caution add 10 more minutes to those calculated by the googlemaps. A few examples:

From Santa Cruz de La Palma = 1 hour + 20 minutes.

Los Canarios – Fuencaliente = 1 hour + 51 minutes.

Los Llanos de Aridane = 1 hour + 31 minutes.

Los Sauces = 1 hour + 35 minutes.

Santo Domingo de Garafía = 51 minutes.


1.- Changes and Cancellations by the company:


The Company reserves the right to cancel or modify the conditions of the guided tour due to reasons beyond its control or causes of force majeure.


Changes or cancellations may be made by:


Weather alerts, landslides or ice on road.


For unforeseen maintenance work on the telescope.


For not reaching  the MINIMUM number of visitors, established at 15 people.


Cancellation will be communicated to you as soon as possible. Check your email and mobile phone contact before boarding the observatory.


An alternative date will be proposed (subjected to availability) or the full amount of the ticket will be refunded.


2.- Changes and Cancellations by the customer:

For no cost, changes may be requested, subjected to availability and with prior notice, up to 72 hours before the visit. Subsequently later changes will not be accepted.

Cacellations 72 hours before the visit, 50% of the refund will be withheld by management. Otherwise there will be no refund.


BOOKING AND ABANDING the amount of the tour, you confirm reading and acceptance of our cancellation policy.

IMPORTANT, to be consider:

At the Observatory there are NO water and food vending machines. We recommend to bring some water and snacks.

Check the CARBURANT before starting. There are NO petrol stations.

You have to follow the directions of the guide.

Wear comfortable clothing, closed shoes and coat. We’ll be on the highest mountain with weather conditions that can be extreme.

The Observatory does not have medical assistance in its facilities.

HEALTH: The tour will take place at 2.300 – 2.400 m. altitude. The oxygen level is lower, so the Tour is NOT RECOMMENDED for babies, people with anemia, those who suffer from heart disease or who have respiratory problems, and people older than 70 years. If in doubt consult your doctor.

We are not responsible for any deterioration in health that may occur as a result of altitude.

Smoking is not allowed in public buildings and areas.

Be respectful to the environment, DO NOT leave any residue, except at the indicated points.

How to do the reservation:


  • The available days are highlighted in green on the calendar.
  • Available times are under the calendar.
  • The available seats are displayed by clicking on the "Quantity" button.
  • It is not possible to purchase more reservations than indicated in the drop down button.


Languages: Usually 2 languages: Spanish and English.